Start your Virtual Happy Hour

Getting started is really easy, simply enter your room name below! Your room name can be virtually anything you'd like!

It's like you're at a real party, but who calls them breakout rooms?

Similar to a real party or event, have one large room with many poeple and then allow them to break off into smaller conversations, one on one or one on few.

Promote real meaningful connections for everyone.

Work the room

Anyone can see the other conversations going on, just like a real party. Work the room by leaving one conversation and joining another.

Anyone can start a new conversation and then invite others to join them. Also, the host can auto-assign everyone into smaller rooms to promote networking and meeting new people.

Powerful host controls

Control the Conversation

Control when participants can create new conversations. Hold all of their attention first, then allow them to break off into smaller conversations

Messaging and Notifications

Message all participants in the room, across all conversations.

Encourage Networking

Assign people to random conversations, let people meet new people, and you can even provide a topic to discuss.

Add more Hosts

Add additional hosts to share the control.

All for free!

It's true, all of this and more for free! If you like what you see, please consider a donation as it's not free to host these services. You can buy me a coffee or donate on PayPal.